Backpacker Romances

So a lot of us have been there.

You embark on this crazy solo adventure across the world as a strong and independent woman (💁)…  only to meet a gorgeous, tanned guy who is exotic (aka from a place that isn’t your boring home town)  and equally as free-spirited and care-free as you are. DREAM.

It feels so different from dating at home. You are thrown into spending 24 hours a day with this person. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. All nighters. Sun rises. Sun sets.
You share a never-ending amount of crazy and unforgettable experiences together and get close REAL fast.

So….People will swoon and ask for the details of this amazingly romantic story… But little do they know it isn’t quite what they imagine.

Drum roll please for the:
“You know you’re in a backpacker romance when…”

1. You hear about people always wearing make-up around their crush, yet you haven’t washed your hair, changed your clothes or seen a stick of mascara in about 5 months.

2. You are genuinely drunk about 99% of the time you spend together.

3. You’ve ‘said goodbye’ about 15 times and still meet up again in a different country.

4. …and then you constantly chirp each other about who is following who.

5. You hang sheets around your hostel dorm bed for privacy and hope for the best.

6. …and that’s if you’re not forced apart by gender separated dorms.

7. You take forever to trust the other person as they’re just a backpacker having fun, right?

8. You get a very questionable wax from a shack in the street and have to go into hiding.

9. You can sit on a bus for 12 hours or road-trip across a country and not kill each other.

10. You both get upset stomachs… and know way too much about it.

11. You spend a whole day in a cheap spa together getting every treatment for $5.


12. You end up with a weird confusing mixture of each other’s belongings.

13. Everyone you meet assumes you’ve been dating for years as you bicker like a married couple.

14.  You constantly share near-death experiences together and don’t even blink an eye (e.g. crazy tuk tuk drivers, cliff dives, scooter accidents, dangerous animals…)

15. You both realise the travel bug never truly goes away… but at least you can cry about it together!

Travelling SE Asia gave me so many memories and I’ll be forever grateful for the fact that I can look back on my time there and know that I shared it all with him.
Now I’ve followed him to Canada… Wish me luck!


Share and Tag your backpacker romance!
Let me know anything I’ve forgotten about this unique experience…

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